Les 2M à Radio France

On Tuesday, November 7th, the media class was invited to Radio France and experienced the life of a radio host.
Firstly, we took the bus and the metro to join our teachers and the other students. After, we walked in the 16th arrondissement to go to Radio France’s building. Louise Bodet hosted us, she had already come to our back to school day. Also, she explained to us the story of this building. And then, she showed us the building’s model.
Secondly, a man called Jean-Marie accompanied us in a room for a radio activity. We had to be in a group of seven students and to create our own breaking news flash. There were 6 roles : a presenter, a technician, an interviewer and her guest, two journalists and a weather forecast presenter. We had about one hour to create our own text.
Thirdly, we went to a radio room. There were microphones, headphones, a technician’s desk and a big table surrounded by chairs. We saw our classmates’ presentations and then that was our turn. It was stressful but also extremely fun. The headphones were particularly weird because we heard a different type of sound and that was strange. At the start, we tried our microphones and after, we recorded our breaking news flash.
In conclusion, this experience was amazing and funny. We learned a lot of things and that was very interesting. We had an incredible opportunity. We particularly loved testing the microphones moment. If we have to do it again, we would do it a thousand times.
Loe and Emma
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