Insurance Words

Lexique de base de l’assurance

General insurance / property casualty insurance / non life

To underwrite / to write a risk/ to insure

Insurable interest

Utmost good faith


To buy insurance / to take out insurance

Coverage / cover / extension / a certificate

A policy / a company

A policyholder / a holder/ an insured

To calculate premiums / to fix the rates / to issue quotes

To raise the premiums /to increase

to reduce / to decrease

when a loss occurs

to cause damage

To assess / to evaluate / to rate

To discriminate (between)

Age / location / gender

To claim / to file a claim /

An Act of God

To commission a (loss) adjuster

To open/process/ settle a claim

To compensate / to grant compensation / to pay out

An Ex gratia payment

To deny cover

To terminate / to cancel a policy



At work / on the job /

Based in … / the company headquarters

An employee / staff / colleagues / an office worker / 9 to 5 / to apply for a position / a job ad / job interview

A cover letter / a resume

a trainee / an intern / to train / an internship

a career/ a job / a position/ status

company culture/ company loyalty / dress code / relations/ career opportunities

work hours / extra time / to commute


Car insurance  / motor insurance

A report / A police report /an eyewitness

A car crash /accident / a fender-bender / to bump / to dent

To hit/ to collide (into) / to crash (into) / to wreck

To be at fault

To speed/ to drive / to slow down / to speed up / a speed ticket / to be fined / to exceed the limit

A motorist / a driver / passengers

A cyclist / a biker / a pedestrian

A (pedestrian) crossing / a crossroads / traffic lights / a motorway / a signpost

No claim discount

A surcharge

A deductible / an excess



Household insurance / homeowners insurance

Contents and buildings insurance

burglary / to break into / a thief / to steal

Fire and theft

To set fire (to) /arson / to burn down/ to destroy / to ruin

The sum insured / valuables / collectibles

Wear and tear

Indemnity and replacement as new


Water damage /leakage

Riot / civil strife

nuclear accident / meltdown

Natural disaster / catastrophe

Earthquake / storm / snowstorm / hail

Flood /flooding

Hurricane / tornado / tsunami /



Public l./ product l. /employers’ l. /legal l.

Liability arises /to blame / negligence / malpractice

To injure/ to cause damage to a third party

To sue / to file suit / to file a lawsuit

To grant damages


Travel Insurance

Hospital fees / medical fees / treatment/

(medical) expenses

Repatriation costs



Business interruption

Pet insurance

A breadwinner



To defraud a company / a fraudster / crooks

To improve the image of the Insurance Industry

a scam / a fraud / false claims/ fake claims


Life Insurance


Rate of interest

Term / whole life

Maturity date

With profits

Endowment policies

A pension scheme