Faut-Il voyager pour être heureux?

Jeudi 12 janvier, les 2M se sont rendus à la Fondation EDF pour voir une exposition sur le thème du voyage : « faut-il voyager pour être heureux? »
Les élèves ont pu découvrir différentes installations artistiques, qui avaient toutes pour but de faire réfléchir les élèves sur leur mode de vie et leurs habitudes…

Voici leurs impressions :

Hi dear readers!
Today, we went to the EDF Foundation to see the exhitbition called « Faut-il voyager pour être heureux? » It was in Paris and it made us think….

We asked ourselves questions like : is travelling a source of stress ? We thought that trips were made to relax, it can be a subject of anxiety for many people. Indeed, to be in an airport can cause panic attacks for example. This exhibition showed us many short movies about that. Have you seen your parents stressed out when you go on holidays? It’s okay; but don’t let this feeling overwhelm you! 🙂

We learned that tourism has a big impact on our planet : planes make a lot of pollution and infrastructures change landscapes… So we asked ourselves if today we really travel around the world like robots taking pictures of everythinf without seeing that they don’t really visit places.

However, we invite you to discover the whole world while keeping in mind your environmental impact. This exhibition showed us all aspects that exist while traveling. We invite you to visit it, you will think a lot! 🙂

Anna & Camille

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