Voyage des 2M aux plages du Débarquement

Du 18 au 20 mai, la classe des 2M s’est rendue en Normandie aux plages du Débarquement.

Last week, we went to Normandy for three days and we are going to tell you why you should visit this place. First, Normandy is located in the northwest of France. It is a region full of history. In fact, Normandy regroups the most important places of the Second World War.

On the first day, we stopped in Deauville, a coastal city which is quite famous in France. You absolutely must go there. Being a luxury vacation destination, you could see many huge houses. Then you could do the walk « les planches » which is a walk along the beach.

Then, the next day, we spent a morning full of history with the visit of two very important places of the Second World War. If you like history, you should definitely go there. The « Pointe du Hoc » overlooks the sea. It was the scene of one of the operations of the Allied landing in Normandy on June 6th 1944, you can see bunkers there. The second that we went to is the American cemetery which gathers the graves of 9387 fallen soldiers of the Second World War. This place pays tribute to these soldiers and their courage. It is a very touching and symbolic place which shows us how many victims the war made.


Houssen & Amandine

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